The wholesome Catboy


Hi! I am Cubie. Im working as an IT-Specialist in Germany ><
In my free time im usually streaming on Twitch or working on some Projects you can check below.


These are some Projects i did / where im still working on:
  • [STILL IN WORK] My own Game:

    • The biggest Shit i've ever worked on. An open World, Retro styled, RGP in top down Perspective where the Story gets told through Quests.

  • [STILL IN WORK] Customizable privacy focused Smart Home:

    • Probably the 2. biggest Project i ever worked on. The "only" thing you need is a Raspberry Pi, a Zigbee USB-Stick and the Software im currently working on to be able to control Lights & LEDS like Philips Hue Lamps, LEDS Strips or anything that is compatible with Zigbee with a custom UI i made (+ maybe Mobile App).

  • Custom Rasa AI Discord Chatbot

    • A pretty nice System you can use for creating your own Discord Chatbot AI. The only things you need to do is installing and learning how to use Rasa / Training a Rasa Model how you like it. It takes some Time, but its a great Project because i had so much trouble with the API of Rasa first. Maybe it makes somebody's life easier.

  • MC Server Console Container

    • Its a Crafty Controller build in a Docker Container i made for myself. It actually has 10k+ downloads now at the Docker Hub which is kinda insane. You can find it here owo